Below, are various examples of videos, movies, and animations that incorporate music and much more.

Animoto allows you to create videos using music, pictures, and text. Please visit the Animoto website and peruse the examples.

Great Wiki devoted to Animoto use in the classroom. Tutorials and Curriculum Applications

When registering, teachers/educators may sign-up for the Animoto Educational version. It allows you to create videos longer than 30 seconds. See for more information.

Some ideas to get you started using Animoto:
  • Have students summarize/retell a story you are reading using pictures (remember your Copyright rules).
  • Put a series of pictures together, and have students write the story that goes with it.
  • Autobiographies
  • Have students make a public service announcement about a topic that you are studying
  • Have students post pictures (or provide them) and come up with action verbs, alliterative phrases (or really anything else) that goes with them."

See 4 samples from educators on how they are using Animoto in the classroom
  • Funky Function Notation
  • The Alphabet
  • Civil Rights Presentation
  • Bridge Building

Other Examples

My ABC Autobiography by G. Smith created at

The Confused Triangle by C.K. Hills - 1st grade adaptation of "The Greedy Triangle"

Book-Trailer Examples by Mallory Wallace
Thirteen Reasons Why

The Hunger Games

Class Pictures - Suters

Create your own video slideshow at

Out of the Dust (digital book-trailer and post-reading strategy)

Online Movie Makers: Have you ever wanted to choose a score for scenes, select characters for a movie, or write a script? Take a turn at directing your own movies using online resources, specifically There is a how-to posting found at . Possibilities are endless for course implementation.

An example, used as a book-talk for Al Capone Does My Shirts, can be viewed here or below:

Online Cartoon Makers: With the current popularity of graphic novels (Diary of a Wimpy Kid and more), the links below allow users to create their own cartoons.
Toon Doo
Go Animate
Make Your Own Cartoon
Read Write Think's Comic Creator
Toon Doo Example on the Alamo

Go Animate Examples


Discussing Math Methods Over Dinner
Interviewing Lois Lowry