Glogster -- Go Poster Yourself!

This page houses examples of Glogs (interactive, online posters) that are suitable for use in any subject or topic area. To create original Glogs, you will need to register online at It is a free Web 2.0 tool and allows you to upload videos and podcasts as well as web links and photos.

Step-by-Step Directions for Creating Glog

Online Tutorials for Creating Glogs
Glogster EDU Tutorial
Discovery Education recommends Glogster EDU
Slideshare Tutorial for Glogster EDU
Glogster Wiki
Step-by-Step for Creating Glogs
Page of Glogster Links/Info

Rubrics for Evaluating Glogs

Glogster on Facebook

Culture Glog

Book-Talk Glog by Mallory Wallace

Thirteen Reasons Why

Perceptions of Beauty

Other Glog Examples Created for Social Studies

The Great Depression
Edward R. Murrow
Trail of Tears
5 Themes of Geography
Rosa Parks
Fall 2010 Social Studies Methods Assignments