The tools shared on this page are wonderful places to store documents, files, web pages, and other things online. They allow for easy access, are free to use, and help to organize information. Please be patient as some of them take a minute or 2 to load.

Live Binder, an online 3-ring binder, allows you to upload documents and more, permits you to store your favorite website, personalize it according to topics and sub-topics, the possibilities are limitless! Please see the link below for a tutorial and examples of Live Binders.
Live Binders
Live Binder Example (compilation of wikis involving literacy & technology)
Note: Work in Progress

Youblisher (stores merged PDF files)
Youblisher Link
Literacy Technology Examples

Issue (allows you to store and publish any type of document; build your own virtual library of personal work)

Issue Link

Slide Rocket (upload, edit, and store presentations)
Slide Rocket Link

Online File Converter Tool and Storage
Online Converter

Embed It (upload any document and receive an embed code for online postings)
Embed It

File Dropper (upload anything and receive a link to it to share with others)
File Dropper Link

Stixy (upload anything, links, post notes, etc.)
Stixy Link
Scarlet Letter Stixy Example