Padlet, formerly known as Wallwisher, is an online notice board which allows users to write short notes (limited to 163 characters) about specific web sites, topics, books, videos and more. It is interactive in nature, teaches the concept of summarization, and permits one to insert direct links to other sites.
31 Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom
More Ideas:
  1. Brainstorm ideas for projects
  2. Post video, have students discuss topic
  3. Enter and exit cards. Students say what they know when they come in, and post what they learned upon leaving. Students post questions they still have
  4. Get feedback from a large audience
  5. Post student videos for group or parent views
  6. Book Reviews with student input
  7. Students post pictures of different shapes for geometry

Padlet Step-by-Step Guide

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Science Ideas

Concept Wall, Interactive KWL, Interactive Science Games, Project-Based Learning Activities. For an explanation of each use please see:

Math Example: Geometry Resources Wall

Social Studies: Focus on TN Standards: List/links of Websites, books, and videos to align with standards

Governance & Civics
Individuals, Groups, and Interactions
Economics Example