iPods can be used to share more than songs in the classroom. The list of uses includes podcasts, books, games, quizzes.....
The Advantages of using the iPod Touch in Education article

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These are programs designed for the iPhone, iPodTouch, or iPad that can be downloaded free or for a charge from the iTunes App store.
What do you need in order to download?
If you want to download to your computer & transfer to your ipod you will need:
  • iTunes (make sure you have the latest version downloaded)
  • Computer w/internet connection
  • iTunes Account
  • iPod touch w/USB connection to transfer downloads from computer
You can also download directly to your iOS device with a Wifi connection

You can search for particular types of apps directly in the iTunes App store. In addition there are multiple sites that recommend apps for particular purposes. Several follow...

25 iPhone Apps for Kids
Suggestions from Parenting Magazine for Apps for PreK and up

iPhone & iPod Touch Apps for (Special) Education
Apps organized by: communication, organization, reading, writing, math, music, song, art, game, & assistive technology

22 iPhone Apps for Science Geeks
Includes reference/info, space apps, calculators, and energy apps

Top 10 iPod Touch Apps for Science And Social Studies
such as American Museum of Natural History Collections; The Weather Channel; Google Earth: Planets; Constitution

Best Free iPod Touch apps for Language Arts
such as dictionary; Amazon's Kindle; Story Kit; Grammar Up; Paper Hangman

Top 10 Free iPod Touch Apps for Teaching Math
such as math tutor lite; number line; Sudoku; quick graph, TanZen Lite, units

Best iPhone Apps for Kids
Article by Gadgetwise

The Babble List - best iPhone Apps for Kids
Organized by best 5 apps in these categories: Learning to Read; Stimulating Development; learning math; getting quiet time; road-trip singalongs

iQuiz Maker
Free app that allows you to create custom quizzes for the iQuiz game for the iPod.